The Devil Never Wore Diapers

Take a peek over on Crisis magazine at John Zmirak’s latest piece, The Devil Never Wore Diapers, at . I don’t know which impresses me more: real theology with such a down-to-earth approach, or a professor with such a down-to-earth approach. Zmirak is (as ever) winning on both counts. Of course, the whole point of the article is that God took a literally down-to-Earth approach to redeeming us, and that makes our humanity, with all its associated flukes and fluids and flatulence and whatnot, something altogether more important than we often remember. I’m currently teaching Anatomy to a pack of enthusiastic teenagers, and I find it at once impressive how complicated the human body is, and repulsive how terribly (and fairly easily) its many components and functions can go awry. But then, I guess the same is true of the human soul: intended as something complex and beautiful, when it veers off course, something dark and repugnant can indeed blossom there. This is just a quick “hello” from the teaching trenches (check the timestamp if you don’t believe me that my life is insane right now), but I’ll be back to reflect on these ideas sometime soon. In the meantime, hope you like the link!

God Bless,


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