Monthly Archives: January 2012

New To the Red

Sorry about the absence folks!

My amazing new job that I’m in love with, also ate all of my time and brain power for the months of November and December. (Such is the way of it in the magical land of retail.) In that time I’ve moved to Brooklyn, kind of, and I’d like to congratulate the Archbishop of my new Archdiocese, Archibishop Timothy Dolan, on his elevation to Cardinal.

I was blessed enough to see Archbishop Dolan speak a few years ago at a theology on tap event. (If you don’t know what theology on tap is, it’s the single greatest thing EVER. Basically, it’s a bunch of young-ish Catholics talking Church issues in a bar.) And it was a remarkable experience. Then Bishop Dolan was charismatic funny and altogether impressive.

I believe the College has gained an exemplary new member.