#2 – A Fish’s Lenten Reflection

During Lent, I remember the immense amount of suffering that Jesus went through during his thirty-three years on planet Earth. I remember how, through the suffering, he still remained selfless and true to his word – God’s word. That’s why I choose to give up something during Lent, and that’s what I implore all of our readers to do as well. 

If we give up something that’s truly important to us, or take upon ourselves a new “cross” or challenge, we are one step closer to discovering what Jesus went through during his life. How do we do so in order to not be selfish, though? How do we do so in a selfless way. Every one of us has our reasons for giving up something for Lent, for instance:

  • I’m going to give up soda because it isn’t healthy.
  • I’m going to give up alcohol because I spend too much time at the bar.
  • I’m going to give up Facebook because, well, it’s Facebook…and I check it 5,000 times a day… and I depend on it… etc. 

So, here it is… Here is my Lenten “cross,” with which I will become a little bit closer to those in this world who suffer.

This year for Lent, I am giving up any sort of excessive eating. I am only eating my breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and for those meals I am only eating one serving (I KNOW… IT’S SO HARD TO NOT GO BACK FOR SECONDS ON LASAGNA!). Why? Not so I can become healthier, but rather because we here in the United States are privileged to have these things. My “cross,” my selfless act for Lent, will be to figure out how those who are hungry truly feel when they cannot have food until the next mealtime.  

So, readers, here is my question for you. In addition to the poll below (which only has 3 responses right now…come on, get with it!), 

Only by doing so can one even begin to discover what Jesus did for us.


About jtroutman

Hello! I'm 22 years old and freshly thrown out of college into the real world. I have my BS in Elementary/Special Education, and am a certified teacher. However, I graduated at a time when teachers are out of work. This blog is a space where I can talk about life, love, and an adventure through the twenty-somethings.

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  1. Trouty,
    I think giving up excessive eating is a wonderful sacrifice, especially when you are doing it for the intentions of those who are without. It is a beautiful beginning to raising relevant awareness of the issues of this world and a way to follow Christ’s footsteps in being aware and loving of all mankind. I hope that in this journey you are able to discover just what you need and what is needed of you by He who loves you and hope to hear the progress of your suffering. Snacking is so difficult to give up and taking seconds is like ingrained in us! Good luck and God Bless!
    ❤ *Z*

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