#21 – Speaking Truth to Power

If you haven’t read jtroutman’s previous post, check it out. I’m so glad he brought up this issue; I hate talking politics, I really do, but it’s times like these that we need to speak out and defend the Church as our mother and present these truths to a nation that desperately needs to hear them.

I found this talk by Gloria Purivs an awesome explanation of the reasons that the Church has women’s interests at heart, while the contraception mandate supporters that claim to be for “women’s rights” are actually at war with the true nature of women and humanity. Check it out:

It makes sense. Look at the pro-choice/pro-contraception groups’ role models– who are they? Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist who founded the organization that became Planned Parenthood, is a racist individual who the current PP supporters don’t mention. The Church, with their all-male priesthood that so infuriates many feminists, holds up the Blessed Mother as the greatest of all the saints, and celebrates her as a woman in her divine Motherhood. Who actually provides critical needs to all types of women: from young girls to mothers to old women, from providing food and education to the poor globally, to meeting the financial and emotional needs of women who have been rejected from their partners and families for getting pregnant, to every situation imaginable? Catholics worldwide make the world a better place for women, and right now, we’re trying to do that in our own backyards by refusing to offer them a spiritual poison and call it medicine. If someone calls you misogynistic for standing with the bishops and the Church, ask them if they’ve ever heard the Salve Regina. Now that’s girl power 🙂


About Cherie

I grew up rooted in the Catholic beliefs and traditions of an old-fashioned Italian family, and came into my own understanding of God through charismatic prayer in my teens. When this blog started, I was a master's student and then a fledgling teacher. Now, I am married (to the same Mister I wrote about), teaching high school science, and living in suburbia. I’m not as confidently Catholic lately as I used to be, so this blog will reflect my struggles and (God willing) successes in searching for a deeper, more adult understanding of my lifelong Faith. PS: Prayers to my patron (Saint Ann) and Our Lady for us to have a child would be deeply appreciated.

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