#25: May We Know the GOOD that Lies Ahead

This weekend is one of those weekends… one of those weekends when I walk around in a bummish mood, when it’s easier to lay in bed and contemplate nothing than it is to get up and take a walk. Maybe it’s the gray Moscow air that’s doing it to me… maybe it’s life in general… maybe it’s that every-so-often weird feeling I get when I see friends gearing up to be married, having kids, enjoying love, beginning new romances while I sit here finding it difficult to meet anyone. Maybe it’s that tomorrow is my last Confirmation class of the year… my kids are ready to go and “take the plunge” into being young adults in the Catholic Church, and I’ve really enjoyed our time together and am sad to see it end.

I feel these negative feelings are in tune with the season of Lent. Lent is by far the most “negative” season of the Liturgical calendar. We look at Jesus Christ performing his miracles, doing his thing, etc. but he is submerged in an ocean of negativity. He feels alone, feels like nobody cares about his story or where he comes from or WHO HE IS. He is led in on Palm Sunday and we learn about his being sentenced to death. For what? For being Him. 

But we know what’s to come on the Third Day. We know what happens when the tomb is opened on Easter Sunday morning. We know what is seen (or, really, more importantly, what is not seen). We know that things are bigger and better than we imagine them to be, or than we ever thought they would be. 

NEVER FORGET WHAT GOOD COULD COME!… As 20-something-year-olds, fresh out of school, in such a negative world, in such a negative economy, it becomes easy to think about what we don’t have, not what we do have. We are capable of so much.  


About jtroutman

Hello! I'm 22 years old and freshly thrown out of college into the real world. I have my BS in Elementary/Special Education, and am a certified teacher. However, I graduated at a time when teachers are out of work. This blog is a space where I can talk about life, love, and an adventure through the twenty-somethings.

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  1. It IS a tough time not just for 20 something recent graduates… Check out Psalm 24:7-10 – Lift up your heads oh gates (…Gotta look UP the gist of the passage!) or take this challenge from Michael Irwin (quoting his padtor inhis NFL Hall of Fame acceptance speech):

    Look up. Get up. Never give up.

    Keep trying (& keep praying!)

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