#29 3 Things I pray…

Every year my home parish hosts a stations on the cross lead by the youth group on Palm Sunday.

This isn’t terribly unusual or unique but what make’s Guardian Angel’s special is that they use Broadway music to represent each station. The fact that I’m a theater geek is actually really easy to trace back through my back ground, but that’s a story for another day. Stations focuses mostly on music from Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell, but we’ve also used Les Miserables, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and one year even Prince of Egypt.

I wasn’t able to get back for last night and I was disappointed, it’s such a powerful way to enter into Holy Week and it’s something that I’ve always loved. I participated all through high school, and this year in particular it’s amazing to think about, because both JCS and Godspell are back on Broadway.

We end stations with the finale from Godspell, truncated into three part. Godspell‘s finale begins with Jesus dying on the cross, and we break after the death to have two girls sing the “Come With Me” section of the Les Mis finale, and then finale with the massively beautiful “Long Live God” chorus into “Prepare Ye” that’s ends the show.

It’s a very special piece of music to me, but it’s also a beautiful meditative piece. The repeating of the phrase “Long Live God” over and over again becomes internalized. It’s the wish and prayer, the faith.

I still haven’t seen Godspell on Broadway, and I really want to and I really hope I do. I’d like to see JCS too, but I’ve always been more fascinated with that from a musical/literary perspective than a spiritual one. Godspell hits me where I live spiritually. It digs deep and asks questions and deconstructs the Gospel and I love it for that.

I also love it for it’s tiny musical moments and for giving me “Day by Day” which is the first solo I was given at Stations, and still remains a prayer I say regularly to remind myself of what’s important:

Day by Day
Oh Dear Lord 3 things I pray
To see Thee More Clearly
Love Thee More Dearly
Follow Thee More Nearly
Day by Day… 



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This is where I go to espouse my crazy fangirl theories. I'm a geek with a love for most things fantasy, Sci Fi, and theatrical. I love me some superheroes.

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  1. Reenie, thank you for this. We preformed Godspell in my youth group in 7th grade, and in the too-many years since, I’d totally forgotten the finale until your mention of it here. Suddenly, the undimmed memory of walking off the stage in my flowered skirt and purple top behind the funeral procession of Jesus, singing “long live God,” watching the audience waver behind a curtain of tears in my eyes… that memory holds for me the truest example of entering into Holy Week and living the Gospel with Christ. Thank you and have a blessed (and musical) Holy Week!

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