#35 Into the Triduum – Part I

I began this Holy Week as I should… by attending Holy Thursday services and the 11 PM aptly named Night Prayer during Eucharistic Adoration in our attached Chapel. Holy Week is something I hadn’t participated in as much as I feel I should have, and is something that I feel like many people do not understand.

It all began with a conversation with a student last Sunday. The Confirmation candidates are required to attend each Mass of the Triduum, and they were – as most 13/14 year olds – adamant against going.

“But, Mr. T, why do we have to go? What if we’re going away?” I kept facing those questions, and finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I interrupt, and respond…

Look, kids. There’s only one person you’re punishing by not going… YOURSELF. All year, we have been studying to be adult Catholics, and these three services TEACH YOU THE MOST ABOUT YOUR FAITH. You will learn far more than you have from sitting in my class all year, and it’s an opportunity that I DON’T WANT YOU TO MISS. THAT’S ALL!

And so, this will begin my series of our “40 Days, 40 Posts” Lenten experiment entitled “Into the Triduum,” whereby I discuss what I’ve learned and taken away from each of the three Triduum Masses.

First up – Holy Thursday. After I got the vengeance of “let my students wash my feet as punishment for 6 months of torture” out of my system, I got to really take in the entire service. Beginning with the blessing of Holy Oils (I was responsible for presenting our congregation with the Sacred Chrism – kind of fitting because it’ll go on my kids’ heads in a month and I will BAWL), we were plunged into a deeply educational and faith experience. We listened to the readings and the Gospel account of the Last Supper, whereby Simon Peter questions whether Jesus will actually wash his feet. We saw many members of our Church community have their feet washed by other members of our community (and NO, I didn’t make them wash my feet…), and gathered at table to partake in our own Last Supper.

Afterward, I was involved in the coolest thing ever. We transported the Holy Eucharist from the tabernacle to the chapel for adoration, much like Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. Along with three other Knights of Columbus, I held the canopy over Fr. and the Body of Christ and we exited the Church, walking through a makeshift “street” lined with parishioners on either side singing, “Jesus, remember me, as I come into your kingdom.” It was an AMAZING experience. 

Overall, I feel in such a great place after participating in tonight’s service. Now, to sleep, and wake up for the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, at 2PM tomorrow. 


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Hello! I'm 22 years old and freshly thrown out of college into the real world. I have my BS in Elementary/Special Education, and am a certified teacher. However, I graduated at a time when teachers are out of work. This blog is a space where I can talk about life, love, and an adventure through the twenty-somethings.

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  1. Processions are totally awesome, right? And I agree that the Triduum is just the deepest, almost gritty experience of what it means to be Catholic. Mister is down here with me, celebrating it for the first time, and I am really curious if/how it will affect his understanding of the faith. If I end up playing any role in bringing him closer to the Church, I will be absolutely awed. The fact that you do that for so many people, and a bunch of crazy teens at that, is seriously amazing. They should call you Mr. Jesusfish

  2. I remember having to go to Holy Week masses as I was preparing for Confirmation. It never really bothered me, but it was more of a chore than the “something that would be missing from my life if I didn’t go” that it is today. So I can see how those middle schoolers might feel, but I am so glad you said what you did. Because, what else could be more important than being present with Jesus in these critical hours? What’s morethe important than banding together in mourning of the One we lost? These masses will only deepen our joy at His coming on Sunday! I think it’s great that they washed your feet. One thing my preist kept saying is how this was to comfort us, relax us, and I’m not sure everyone is relaxed by that but it really tempted me to soak my feet or something…
    ❤ *z*

    • Oh and I totally forgot to comment on how amazing it is that you got to carry that canopy! It must have been such an honor!

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