#38 Becoming Catholic Adults

Maybe it’s because I’m still in graduate school, or maybe because it hasn’t been that long since undergrad, but there are still times where I don’t really feel like I’m an adult.  Well, in beginning a Young Adult Ministry at my church, I am starting to realize how different being a Catholic adult is from being a Catholic teen.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved Youth Ministry, loved my friends, loved my faith as a teen, but there is just such a difference in the way we interact now.

Let me take a step back I suppose…today we held our first Young Adult “social” if you will.  We just gathered and sort of tried to get a feel for what each other was thinking in terms of the group.  I saw some people I haven’t seen really in years and some I see much more often, but in everyone I can see drastic change and maturity.  We handle ourselves differently, we make better-informed decisions, we understand the example our mentors left us and we have ideas and opinions on things.  But I think the most important part of all this is the fact that we’ve all stayed involved. This is so amazing to me because, yes, I know plenty of people who haven’t stayed involved, but I still can hardly believe that Christ has been living within us and through us through all these years in all different ways.  I mean, I think that is what I wanted to see most of in starting this ministry, the ways we have changed, or evolved in our spiritual and religious lives, but I will always continue to be amazed at the paths God has chosen for us!

As we were sitting there discussing, I realized how being Catholic adults means we forgive, we accept, and we love.  Even if it used to matter so much. Sometimes the devil throws things in front of our faces so that we cannot see the person underneath.  We can’t continue to hold things against people that happened 5, 10, even 15 years ago…that’s what we are constantly being told–to forgive!  I suppose I realized this before now, but there were a few things that happened today that I realized were just silly to think too much about.  Being an adult means taking responsibility for our actions, holding ourselves accountable  for our failings and misgivings, and being responsible.  Besides, this group needs a new start, to be looked at in new eyes, and to most of all stop judging each other and accept everyone how they are.  I think we basically agreed on that today but I need to learn to live it and not give in to the temptation to talk behind someone’s back or think negatively about someone…becoming a Catholic adult means living the Catholic faith and that is what I am going to do!  With this Lenten season coming to a close, I thank God that I have a long term goal that can only be beneficial to everyone around me…mature Catholicism.

God Bless and Happy Easter!!



About Juli

I received my B.S. in Counseling and Human Services and a minor in Theology and Religious Studies and my M.A. in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education. Through a strange twist of fate, I ended up in the Human Resources field and at a company that I really love. I'm not much of a writer because I tend to write how I talk and when I tell stories I tend to ramble and tell way too many details. I love writing though because it's fun to get all my thoughts down. I also love drawing, I love photos, and anything artistic really.

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  1. This is timely for me… holidays are always a huge occasion for gossip about people from my grade school and high school days since everybody trends to come back to the area. I really needed this reminder that this type of teenage drama is something I should outgrow already! Also, I’m hoping this blog helps us all to approach Catholicism in a more adult way and helps us share our progress as we do.

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