The Comfort of An Old Friend

I lost my job of Friday. I still haven’t shared this fact with a good number of people in my life, because I really thought I was on the right track to a promotion. It hit me hard, and I very nearly had a full on panic attack just after, because, wait a minute, I loved this job, and I just moved in to an apartment a few months ago, and now I’m saddled with a rent burden as well as well, joining the ranks of my unemployed friends, who I had to admit I was feeling vaguely smug towards. (Pride man, I know we’ve talked it to death here, but it’ll bite your booty every time!)

My company (former company I guess) actually gave me a really decent deal. I could either keep working for two weeks, or end my time immediately and get a week’s pay for severance. Now, I think this speaks to how much I’ve grown over the past year. A year ago, I would have taken the money and run. I would have hidden under my covers for the weekend, lied to my roommate, said I was going to work during the weeks and wandered around the city until I ran out of money and went sobbing home to my parents. If you think I’m kidding or exaggerating, that is the kind of thing that I used to pull. Instead I opted to take the two weeks, it would be the extra money I needed to cover my rent, and something to do, since even if I wanted to I can’t leave my apartment until May 21st (no I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet.)

Anyway, instead of hiding under the covers, my younger sister and her boyfriend came, we went out, had a drink or twelve, they stayed over and we watched Wayne’s World. On Saturday night, I went with them back to The Bronx, where she lives, my parents met us for dinner, and I decided to go home to clear my head. Sunday morning, my father and I looked into filing for unemployment, and then we headed to mass.

Mass was being said by Father Stephen Leake, who is a Salesian of Don Bosco and taught my older brother in high school. He now works at the Salesian seminary. While my brother attended Salesian school we developed a very close relationship with the priests there. My sister and I performed in musicals for the all boys school and have our own connection to it. I feel more at home at Don Bosco Prep than I do at my own alma mater these days. After mass I went over to speak to Father Steve, he what I was doing and I told him that I’d been working, but have just been let off. He said the best thing that I’d heard all weekend:

“I’ll pray to Saint Joseph for you, he’s the worker. Keep smiling, you’ll be fine!”

I hugged him and said my own prayers to Saint Joseph. I’m feeling much better, the panic has passed.

Tonight, I’m spending the evening with another old friend, Jonathan Larson’s RENT but that’s a different story for a different time.

Anyway, pray for me.


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This is where I go to espouse my crazy fangirl theories. I'm a geek with a love for most things fantasy, Sci Fi, and theatrical. I love me some superheroes.

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  1. I’m definitely praying for you dear!! I’m sure things will work out ❤
    Also, I think I know Fr. Steve…he might be a guest priest at my parish a lot…I'm thinking about going on a Salesian service retreat in June…but that's besides the point. The point is, God has a plan for you!!
    ❤ you and praying for you!! *z*

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