While this is geared towards teenagers, I think the article has a great point and could leave us all with something to think about.  It made me really examine the differences in myself since last summer.  Although recent events led me to slip up after all this time, I can’t even begin to imagine being where I was in the middle of last summer right now.  Don’t let anyone dictate who you are, what you wear, or where you go.  You are independent, you make your own decisions, and let them be great ones.  Self-respect and confidence will make you a better you and achieving these both can be done humbly.  Therefore, let’s dress modestly and proudly as much as possible this season!


On a side note, she calls out Target as selling tiny bikinis but in their defense, I bought my tankini there and in my own opinion, that’s a step towards modesty.

Thanks for listening and God Bless 🙂



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