1Flesh – We Are Young

Y’all need to check this out:  http://www.1flesh.org/we-are-young/

Browse their site, there’s some awesome stuff…I just read this post though and really loved it.  Not to spoil it all but the last paragraph spoke to me.  I may not have that special person yet, but I hope that when I meet him I won’t be afraid to give him everything!

“So if and when you find somebody to carry you home, don’t be afraid to give him everything. Not just your vow, but your fears, your insecurities, your hopes, your dreams, your tears, your laughter, your children. Don’t stand on the edge of the plane contemplating whether or not to jump. You’ll only make yourself miserable. Jump. Fall. For only in falling completely and vulnerably will any arms be able to truly catch you. And only in submittingfully to the adventure of love, whatever that adventure may at the time require, can you really know what it is like to be young.”

God Bless, Juli


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