sweet feminism

Just read an article about a particular brand of feminism that seeks to dissolve social gender roles completely, and the Catholic response to this position. I think about feminism and the relationship between the sexes often, but never had a very coherent philosophical position on it that I really owned. The article was good, nothing mind-blowing, but a comment ending with “no wonder men are becoming socially and biologically irrelevant” struck me as worthy of a reply. I wrote:

A strengths-based approach to the problems of our world is the only sane one. Thus, if we have two sexes with any meaningful difference between them, allowing men to become “socially and biologically irrelevant” involves overlooking 50% of our strengths. Building the Kingdom of God, or even a decent human civilization, requires the talents, virtues, and skills of every member.

The bitterness that exists between men and women is truly exhausting. I don’t have time for that. I unabashedly love men. I am deeply in love with a particular man, and in fact, there are millions of people in this country deeply in love with a member of the opposite sex. In this ridiculous war of the sexes, we’re constantly fraternizing with the enemy. Why not just call the whole blasted thing off?

Seriously though, men are great. So are women. That’s why God created both.

So there it is, my feminist manifesto. I don’t know which official feminist camp it fits best, but as my most polar opposite is the bitter feminist, I’ll just call it sweet feminism 🙂


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  1. What you’re describing is one of the only things that I’ve ever gotten really angry about in gender studies. It goes along with the assertion that “men and women are fundamentally the same.” While yes, humans in general, are fundamentally the same there are differences between men and women, deeply rooted in biology (which I know I don’t have to tell you!) and to ignore them is a stupid and horribly arrogant thing to do. To me, for true equality between the sexes to be achieved these differences have to be used to balance that equality.

    And real feminism isn’t about man-hating at all. It’s about hating the idea of the patriarchy, and wanting to see it dismantled. (But again, I don’t need to have that conversation with you…we’ve had it before.)

    • Exactly. Eliminating the concepts of Woman and Man to demolish the patriarchy is the epitome of nose-cutting, face-spiting idiocy. Anyone who respects the feminine (as it seems a feminist should) abhors the idea.

      • Completely off topic, can we talk about how awesome our comments look emanating from my profile pic! (And when I’m writing about feminism, it coming out of my mouth while I’m Supergirl is extra awesome!)

  2. You’re right! I was missing out on the cool visual by using a comments RSS feed, I will be sure to amend my ways. But yes, a conversation about feminism between Supergirl and a Philipine funeral flower (I forget its name) is slightly awesome 🙂

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