Many of us have come together to bring this blog to fruition. Here’s a little bit about us, in case you were curious!

We were on hiatus for a good several years. Welcome back for Lent 2018!

Bios updated in 2018

Cherie: I grew up rooted in the Catholic beliefs and traditions of an old-fashioned Italian family, and came into my own understanding of God through charismatic prayer in my teens. When this blog started, I was a master’s student and then a fledgling teacher. Now, I am married (to the same Mister I wrote about), teaching high school science, and living in suburbia. I’m not as confidently Catholic lately as I used to be, so this blog will reflect my struggles and (God willing) successes in searching for a deeper, more adult understanding of my lifelong Faith.
PS: Prayers to Saint Ann (my patron) and Our Lady for us to have a child would be deeply appreciated.

Original bios (c.2012)

Reenie: I’m twenty three and I graduated from the same small Catholic College as many of the other contributors last May. My BA is in English Literature and Women’s Studies. I’m currently working in the purchasing department of a catalog company in Brooklyn, New York, while living with my parents in Northern New Jersey. I have an epically long commute which gives me lots of time to reflect and think. My posts will most likely be about a combination of religious themes revealing themselves in various media (film, TV, literature) and a little about what it’s like to be a devout Catholic while also trying to function in the American corporate world. Also if you’re looking for a good feminist rant, I’m your girl. If you find my writing endlessly fascinating, you can check out my straight up pop culture ramblings at Pop Girl Lives!

Trouty: I’m 22, a recent college graduate, future teacher of American youth, and a Catholic. I’m the Immediate Past Grand Knight of my University’s Knights of Columbus council, helping provide young men a way to gather together as Catholics. I also have taught Confirmation classes for the past five years in my local parish. To me, being a Confident Catholic means being one who is PROUD to be Catholic, and also being one to help others realize it’s okay to be PROUD. That’s tough to communicate, especially to my students. I hope you enjoy my posts; they are primarily going to focus on just that: being a young, PROUD, Confident Catholic. You can also follow my personal blog, The Fish Blog.

Juli: I graduated college with my B.S. in Counseling and Human Services and a minor in Theology and Religious Studies in 2010.  I am working on my M.A. in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education.  My faith journey has had its ups and downs and is currently on an up as I explore what God has to offer me right now.  Without getting too far into my life, I gave my life to Jesus before I knew or understood what that meant.  I was 15, right out of freshmen year of high school, just beginning to find a place where I belonged.  My youth group was just forming and it will forever hold a special place in my heart for kick-starting my love for God.  College brought growth and new perspectives and gave me a broader view on faith life.  I know that some of my friends may have come and gone, but each individual impacted a certain leg of my personal spiritual trek.  Together with some of those amazing individuals I encountered in my journey through undergrad I will attempt to express my understanding of God’s message in relation to where I am currently.

Right now I feel called to live out my faith by working in a Campus Ministry program or something similar where I can lead students and help them grow in their own faith.  I used to post under the pseudonym “Zoey Nova”, meaning “New life”, but am now confident enough to spread God’s word, as well as my thoughts and interpretations under my real name, Juli 🙂

On another note, Cherie once sent me this song and I think it’s pretty fitting for mine and many lives of my friends on this road towards and with Christ:  Free to Be Me – Francesca Battistelli

God Bless, Juli aka Zoey


Tom: As a recent graduate of our alma mater, I have found that navigating our world as a young Catholic can be trying. Even when life can be difficult (which often is the case) it is a consolation to have a comfortable relationship with God, and from there day-to-day things get easier to handle. Since entering the real world my focus has been to balance my commitments to work, friends, and family, and not neglecting to practice my faith. Today’s world is loud enough, so I find the moments spent in quiet prayer and reflection with God a true retreat. Being a Catholic is part of who I am proud to say that I am, even amid life’s daily hustle.

  1. I’m very impressed with the way each of you portray your spiritual life. I recently purchased a book titled ” Extreme Makeover” by Teresa Tomeo. The subject matter deals with women transformed by Christ – Not Conformed to the Culture. I think all of you would find the book helpful. God bless and smile down upon you 🙂 Love AB

  2. Thank you and thanks also for the book recommendation!! I know I will look into it 🙂
    God Bless! ❤ *z*

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